Here are the most common questions I receive from clients:

Sessions with me are not only one on one, they are all focused on you! When you work with me, you do not have to worry about any of the restrictions on care that come from working with insurance companies, I see ¼ the number of patients in one week than traditional clinics. This means I have even more time and energy to dedicate to you.

No referral is required in the state of Nebraska for physical therapist care. You can come directly to me without a middle man!

MoveRx is an out of network provider. This means that we do not contract with any insurance company so they do not dictate how many visits we can have with you. This way, we can decide together what plan is best. That said, you may use FSA or HSA funds for physical therapy appointments and we can provide you with an itemized bill to submit to insurance for reimbursement.

No, we do not contract with any insurance company, including Medicare. You will not be able to use your Medicare benefits or be reimbursed by them. We are happy to help you find a great Medicare provider near you if you’d like!